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Garden Lawn and Turf Services in Fife

If you want to turn your garden into something pretty but are also keen on the idea of a low maintenance garden we can transform your garden by providing a lush green lawn turf laying service. Our business is based in St Andrews and covers North Fife through to Cupar, across the bridge into Dundee and Tayside. What we do is provide the finest quality turf giving you an all new lawn right round your home, giving you something that is very inviting, great for the environment and retains striking good looks when regularly maintained.

From Eye Sore to Eye Catching Garden Lawns Providing An Explosive Colourful Display of Green Grass

Ptree Surgery and Groundworks based in St Andrews service customers across Fife and can care for your lawns, trees and shrubs to ensure they thrive all year round. We also build and erect fences and gates.

Tidy Lawn Laying Contractors

Our Lawn Turf team always clear up after themselves whether working at your home,on an estate or in a communal area. Whether you are a home owner, a private house building contractor or a landlord with a number of properties or a housing association with plots of land then we can offer tailored lawn turf laying services to suit your budget. And lets not forget the commercial market with regards local hotels and Schools in St Andrews and the surrounding area of and Dundee, where a large stretch of lush green grass is a welcoming site.

Talk to us today about preparing your land and laying the ideal grass solution. Enjoy your garden with the help of Ptree Surgery your tree and lawn specialists.

Other All Year Round Tree Lawn and Shrub Services Company in St Andrews Fife

Ptree Surgery and Groundworks can help you manage your garden all year round as your local arborists, turf layers and fence builders. We look to build good long term ongoing relationships with those who become our customers and can tailor our services to your needs.

At Ptree Surgery & Groundworks, we have an effective and friendly team who focus on offering a range of tree and shrub pruning and trimming services including hedging planting or maintenance, lawn turf laying, fencing work and stump grinding. We focus on both the domestic home market and those with a commercial property that needs our services, and so we are happy to make arrangements on request.

Needing a Quote from a reliable specialist gardening services business? Get in touch with Jim Petrie today, CALL 01334 834 658 or drop him an email and he shall get right back to you with a quote we hope you find is keenly priced.

The garden lawn you've always wanted
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