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Robocut Hire Land Clearing Equipment from Ptree Surgery in St Andrews

Land clearance is sometimes an essential task for landowners to ensure the ground is suitable for use.  Whether you own a golf course, reservoir, farm, or any other large expanse of land, our Robocut cutting machine could be the solution to your land clearance needs!  It is an exciting piece of land clearing equipment, built for large jobs and you can hire it now from Ptree Surgery and Groundworks who are based in St Andrews Fife.


Clear Small Trees from Land using the Robocut

Small trees, shrubs, gorse, and brush can be cleared easily when using the Robocut Cutting Machine.  With its multi-attachment capability, it can tackle many jobs with ease, utilising the forestry mulching head, stump grinding head or flail head.

Robocut Cutting Machine Hire with Fully Trained Operator

Our Robocut machinery is supplied with a fully trained and insured operative to ensure the job runs as smoothly and safely as possible.  Using remote control technology, the Robocut is the safest and most efficient way to clear large areas in a timely manner.  This allows the operative to work at a safe distance whilst still maintaining full control of the machine.



Long Grass Clearing Machine

How to Clear Brush on a Steep Hill - Hire Robocut

Clearing areas of sloped land can be a drawn-out task due to the limited equipment that can be used, and the workforce required.  The Robocut works just as well on steep slopes as it does on flat ground, and tackles jobs such as clearing brush on steep hills up to 55° with ease.

Cost to Hire Robocut Cutting Machine from Ptree Surgery in Fife

Costs to hire out the Robocut can vary depending on the task that is to be undertaken, therefore we ask you contact us via our CONTACT PAGE to arrange a site visit. 
Please be aware, we cannot hire out the machinery alone as it needs to be run by our trained operative.

Images used on this page show our Robocut land clearing equipment in action on one of our recent jobs at a golf course that put the Robocut Dozer through its paces!

As with all work carried out by Ptree Surgery, all green waste will be removed on completion of the job, leaving you with a clean, tidy site.

Remember, we can undertake a wide variety of tasks such as tree surgery and stump grinding, plus much, much more!  

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