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Get in touch with PTREE Surgery and Groundworks a team of experienced tree surgeons in Fife offering tree surgery services. We are also ready to provide tree consultancy to the local community, businesses and land owners in and around St Andrews including the local surrounding area of North East Fife.
PTREE Surgery apart from offering a tree consultancy service, undertake tree surveys, tree reports and offer specialist advice on how best to maintain healthy trees.
Our surveys and reports are designed to provide you with our professional consultancy on a variety of tree related matters. READ MORE - about Your Local Tree Surgeons in Fife.

Arboriculture Consultants and Groundworks Contractors

We are Arboriculture Consultants and Groundworks Contractors who specialise in the diagnose of your trees, treat any diseased trees, and eliminate the chance of any of your trees falling during storms that Scotland can be prone to. If you are unfortunate to experience a tree fall have the tree made safe and the debris cleared away by us.

In addition to this we are Groundworks Contractors to provide drainage, demolition, site clearance, excavation and foundations work. Providing your groundwork and construction needs through unrivalled execution of groundwork and construction contracts at very competitive prices.

PTREE Surgery Arborists - Cutting Trees or Preventing Tree Disease in Fife

  • Call Us to Fix or Repair Your Damaged Trees
  • Large Trees Around Your Home - How do You Know they are Safe?
  • Have Us Inspect Your Large Trees regularly to prevent disease

Tree Surgeons in Fife on Emergency Standby 24 Hours a Day

Every year, January and February become distant memories, especially if we find ourselves visiting our website on a Sunny Day. With this variable climate we experience in the UK and Scotland all of us like to look forward to sunshine and the summer months. Isn't it just great to have a relaxing moment and listen to the trees in a light breeze? However, when the season changes to those cold and sometimes harsh winters, what is the state of your trees on your land or estate? We are tree surgeons on emergency standby 24 hours a day. But while the sunny months are still with us, have us check the following around your home or estate:

  • Are there still trees on their sides from the last storm experienced?
  • Do you have Fences laying on their backs still not repaired?
  • Or are you looking forward to a project that requires some hard landscaping work to be done?

Let us solve your tree problems or hedge and bushes issues. You might have damaged trees, or trees and large hedges that just need some pruning. We have a tree cutting stump grinding solution for those problems.

Local Qualified Tree Surgeons St Andrews

tree surgeons St Andrews Fife

If you are looking at your trees around your property or land right now wondering how safe they really are, then be on the safe side and get some advice from our professional tree surgeons in St Andrews.
Anyone can claim to be able to carry out your tree work but to do this job properly and ensure you have trees in good health and structure you need someone who will come with more than just a chainsaw and a rope harness. 

Tree Surgeons Helping with Your Tree Problems

Hiring local arboriculture practitioners from PTREE SURGERY and GROUNDWORKS we understand the biology behind looking after your trees, hedges and bushes. Our arboriculturists come with the necessary qualifications and certificates of competence. There is much more to a tree surgeon than just someone turning up to climb your tree and start chopping away at it using a chainsaw.  

Have you ever wondered how many trees end up toppling over every year, causing damage to property and could also end up with the loss of a life in some tragedies.

  • What is the the best way to protect your own family and property which might be surrounded by large trees which could be hundreds of years old?
  • How do you ensure your providing protection for your immediate neighbours or those who might be using public right of ways across your land?
  • How often do you check the condition of trees around your property that you own?
  • Would you know how to identify problems your tree or trees might have?

if your property has trees and they are your responsibility it is advisable at regular intervals to hire a local tree surgeon. For peace of mind having a specialist inspect all the trees on your property is a worthwhile investment. And you want to do this not just once, but every year.

If you need someone to make your trees safe and have done a professional diagnosis of your trees and find out if they affected by any disease. Or, if you want to get done some effective pruning, tree felling or stump grinding that needs carried out, then get in touch with us to do the job as we are properly trained and equipped. 

Fence Builders from St Andrews covering North East & Central Fife

fencing contractors fife









Damaged Fences Around Your Home or Land? No One to Fix them?

Needing a trusted Fencer in Fife as your local fencing contractor?

How much Does it typically cost to install a fence or erect fence panels?

Find out why you want to hire us as your local fencing contractors?

Need us to resurrect your blown down fence?

Ready to erect sturdy fences that are robust

Build a new fence or repair the one you already have.

Whatever for fencing problems we can solve them

When Lock Down Restrictions ease - Ready to dispatch our dedicated team at a moments notice.

Fencing Contractors

  • Fence Builders 
  • Fence Repairs
  • Fence Maintenance 

The Ptree Surgery and Groundworks team like to consider ourselves as a quality garden fencing contractor in St Andrews. We have the passion for erecting sturdy fences.
We also do fence post repairs or coming to the aid of someone who had begun their own DIY fence build or repair but have not managed to complete the work.
Delivering our fencing services at short notice has been welcomed by many a client. Anything can happen whereby clients find they couldn't dedicate the time needed and really just wanted to call in the experts.
So why not get in touch with your local fencing installers who are building fences that are built to last.

If your home needs to control its borders with your neighbours, talk to us about the kind of fence around that will serve as either decoration, property line markers, a security fence. 
Whatever fencing you need, then we are keenly priced.

What is a reasonable cost for a fence?


We believe our quotes are very competitive for building a new fence or repairing the fence you already have.
Guaranteed, you will be surprised when comparing Ptree Surgery and Groundworks quote to that of our competitors.
If you want to hire a skilled and professional team to build your next panel or picket fence give Jim Petrie at Ptree Surgery and GroundWorks a call.

Landscaping GroundWorks Contractors - Commercial Hard and Soft Landscaping

PTREE Surgery are specialist contractors in commercial hard landscaping and soft landscaping in Fife. Our business is committed to producing and maintaining high quality and competitively priced solutions for:

  • Private clients
  • Construction contractors
  • Property developers
  • Commercial property owners
  • Public sector clients
  • Local authorities and Housing associations

Commercial Groundworks and Site Clearance Work

  • How much should groundworks cost?
  • What are the likely costs for dealing with Hard Landscaping?
  • Whatever the site clearance work our Groundworks Team could be the answer to ground clearing problems you are faced with around your property.

Hard Landscaping Contractors working in Fife

Why not enquire about how affordable our hard landscaping could be for you to have us undertake your groundwork services.

The bottom line is you will want to know how much does it cost to have hard landscaping work done? Groundworks could be requireed so you have an area of your property levelled out in preparation for say a new lawn, drive or patio. Maybe, some additional paving with edging. But to get started the first task to overcome is the hard landscaping step carried out by the Ptree Groundworks team.  Get the right advice, ideas and of course that all important competitive quote.

Living in North or Central Fife - Get a QUOTE - Call 01334 834658

From putting up fencing and fence panels through to delivering landscape contractor services or provide our  tree surgery services, just a quick phone can have you speaking directly to our office staff.
We shall get you swiftly organised with a QUOTE and there is always plenty of information on hand about keeping trees safe and healthy, building the right fence and the best approach to scoping out your landscape.