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Tree Stump Removal Business in Fife

Ptree Surgery and Groundworks in St Andrews Fife are stump grinding experts in the removal of tree stumps. Arrange with Arborist Jim Petrie to hire his  stump grinder tool that will help you grind down unsightly stumps on your property which can save on the expense of digging them out.

At Ptree Surgery and Groundworks our customers have been very happy with our standard of work using this machine that is ideal for site clearance, domestic and commercial works.

  • Let us remove your tree stump painlessly
  • Experts in tree roots that have become deeply embedded or gone below your property

Think You Need a Stump Grinder?

Simply give us a call here at Ptree Surgery and Groundworks who are knowledgeable experts in dealing with stubborn tree stumps. Our stump grinder available is the most useful and effective technique for removing tree stumps.

Get in touch to arrange the works with Jim Petrie who will visit your premises. He can offer sound advice and provide a free quote, plus explain how this effective stump grinding machinery will safely remove your stubborn tree stump and leave the ground ready for planting fresh shrubs, trees or bushes.

Tree Stump Grinder for Hire in Fife from Ptree Surgery and Groundworks

And ideal machine when you find it impossible to remove a tree stump from the ground

When it comes to removing stumps from your property, you have two options:

  • Rent a stump grinder and remove those tree stumps yourself
  • Hire your local tree stump removal company to come out and do it for you.

Ptree Surgery and Groundworks Tree Stump Grinder hire is a fast and professional way of removing tree stumps from the ground.


A stump grinding machine that is a simple, quick and effective solution to removing tree stumps.

This is a stump grinder that eliminates the need to burn or carry out a labour intensive dig or treat the tree stump with chemicals.

When removing a tree, one of the most difficult tasks is removing the roots. This is particularly true with large trees that have spent decades rooting underneath houses, fences and gardens. 

Our stump grinder effectively removes the tree and the stump from your garden, without tearing up roots that could be metres long.

Our team of professionals will turn up with all the right equipment and knowledge, to offer you a quick and effective service.

As you will see from pictures on this page, our stump grinder is ideal for narrow access issues that might be encountered at your premises.

Stump Grinder Machine - Servicing customers in St Andrews, North East and Central Fife

So, if you are looking at enhancing your landscape and have found there is an unwanted tree or stump in the way get in touch with us now.

There are a variety of ways to remove a stump, but grinding it is the preferred way.

Stump grinding prices can vary depending on the work required, this is why it is so important to discuss with us first your stubborn tree stump problem and we will provide you with a competitive quote.


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