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Local Tree Surgeon in St Andrews - Jim Petrie

Anyone can claim to be able to carry out your tree work but to do this job properly you need someone how will come with more than just a chainsaw and a rope harness.

If you hire local arboriculture practitioner Jim Petrie from PTREE SURGERY and GROUNDWORKS he comes with the necessary qualifications and certificates of competence that covers him for using chainsaws and tree climbing, and is someone who understands the biology behind looking after your trees, hedges and bushes.

There is also a certain way to cut and prune trees and hedges and PTREE SURGERY are technically proficient and competent as they undertake the proper training. Plus, by recommending you engage the services of Jim Petrie and his team you will also find he complies with the health and safety regulations that come with the job.

Apart from giving you advice on making your trees safe, and where required carry out effective pruning or tree felling Jim will diagnose your trees and treat any diseased trees he might find, so as to elimanate the chance of any of your trees falling during storms that Scotland tends to be prone and ensure you have trees in good health and structure.

So, what is our best advice for you to keep healthy trees properly maintained, well for you to enjoy your trees and keep you safe is to ask you not to simply turn to equipping yourself with a handsaw, clippers or letting loose with a chainsaw but instead consider leaving climbing trees to the professionals and find out whilst visiting this website why you should hire a tree surgeon expert. Tree surgery is not as simple as it looks, and it could be dangerous for you to tackle cutting or pruning of trees yourself, safety is paramount with us and we have all the necessary certification that qualifies us to tackle the job and always ready for the challenge.

Contact Jim Petrie for more information about taking care of the trees in your garden or the trees on your land, we are here to help.

Needing Firewood?

When choosing wood for a traditional log fire, it's essential that you choose the right kind.

A common mistake is using any kind of wood found from your local forest for a wood fire either indoors or outdoors.

At Ptree Surgery & Groundworks, we understand the science behind burning wood.

Firewood Delivery in St Andrews, Fife and Tayside

Being tree surgeons, we have access to some of the highest quality firewood in the area.

We can provide firewood advice and perfectly chopped firewood that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fires.

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